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Made in Italy - 1:41 scale
Updated: 2019, Apr 25

Dear Friends

as I've written on other pages of this website, my adventure as a collector of small scale cars began during the early sixties, with the plastic models of the Italian company APS, known as "Microminiature Politoys".

I used them to play and I enjoyed them very much. They cost only 200 lire each, for this reason I bought several of them and I was proud of my small garage. So, at times, it happened that some of my cars remained "stuck" in the pockets of my pinafore and they ended up with me in my class room. During the school recess they jumped out and sparked great admiration and a bit of envy among my school mates. Then, other children began to also bring their cars and we began bartering.

One day a friend of mine received as a gift a Mercury Fiat Coupe 2300 S, silver painted, with two doors and open hoods, and he brought it to class. I found it a little off color and did not give it too much attention, but the other mates showed their appreciation and started looking at me and my colored cars with a certain indifference.

I immediately understood that the spell was broken and that I had to put it right. But those metal models cost over twice the price of my cars and even if I could afford to buy some every now and then my collection was growing at a much more slower pace.
Therefore I stopped bringing my cars to school, also because the owner of the Fiat 2300 S Coupé also showed off a Mercury gold plated Mercedes "Pagodina" , with two open hoods. And I liked this one so much, to the point that I started to despise my light blue Ford Anglia and also my gray mouse Innocenti Austin A40.

After this, I got the killing blow from another school mate (a very wealthy one) in high school. He enchanted a substitute teacher by got out of his folder a Solido Bugatti Royale: it was majestic, with a red base and the perspex cover framed by the classic gray box of the first series. With open doors, the transparent roof and the inevitable rampant elephant on the radiator. It cost a lot of money and I could not compete ...

Then I got into metal cars, especially the Politoys-M. My Politoys plast were put aside for a long time, for many years, until I gave them all to my cousin (boxes included).

A decade later I started to build that miniature garage and to re-evaluate plastic Politoys and realized that many other collectors from around the world shared the same goal.
By managing this site I receive many emails about car models and the demand of "plast" is becoming more urgent.

Therefore, I had to create this page, but to create the different specifications I needed a lot of pictures and my collection was still glaringly incomplete. I therefore accepted with great enthusiasm the proposal of my friend collector Massimo Carini who participated with eagerness to the initiative, providing lots of pictures and, especially, his extensive experience.

Here is the result then: this page contains all the production of plastic APS Politoys, from military vehicles to passenger cars, from race cars to vintage and commercial vehicles. However I have also included in the page the Fibre-glass series (to which I devoted a page on this site) even if they are painted fiberglass models and not coloured plastic ones.

I hope I have not skipped any of the models, and I will be grateful to anyone who would like to provide useful suggestion for the completion of the page or the correction of any mistakes. The specifications will be available for each model with details of features and pictures taken from different angles and different colors. Those who have some images of other variants can e-mail them to me and I will include them, always quoting the source, in compliance with the ownership rights for images.

Thank you all

  Alberto Spano

(from No. 1 to No. 18)

This is a series of car models of variable scale (officially 1/41, but in fact the scale is highly variable) produced from 1960 to 1964-65. They are all in various shades of olive green, and some have also some figures. Over time they have undergone few changes, mainly related to the wheels that were initially rounded and smooth and that later were improved by including the new rim. The rubber tires show treads good for all terrain on all versions.
The quality and details of the molds are though very low and these models are snubbed by many collectors, who regard them as merely toys.
It is worthwhile to collect them only if they are in perfect condition, complete with all the pieces and their original box. Average price from 15 to 25 euro.

(From No. 100 to No. 115)

There are 16 models in all, numbered from 100 to 115, produced from 1962 to 1964-65. This is a very simple models, easily disassembly and therefore with accessories (lights, number plates, horns, etc...) that can easily be lost. The early models also had figures, later eliminated to reduce the production costs.
Let's just say that collectors are not competing to get them, even if in reality, when they are displayed next to each other, as in the large photo below, they look quite good. Their main drawback is certainly the excessive and unreal choice of colors, which often makes them look like the toys surprise found in the Easter eggs. But one has to assemble the toy surprise. The average price is around 10-20 euro (of course we speak of perfect models, complete with box). Exception are the last issues (the Bentley and the Lancia Lambda) that reach considerable prices, sometimes even over 100 euro, because they have had a more limited production. The versions fitted with figures are sold at around 10 Euro more, because they are older.


(From No. 51 to No. 64 and
from No. 200 to No. 204)

There are 17 single-seater racing cars (formula 1, formula 2, etc..) plus the Porsche 550RS and the D Type Jaguar, which are on a higher level. The formula 1 cars originally costed only 100 lire, therefore they are very roughly finished as for details and accessories. For this reason this series is not very sought after by collectors and the price remains low (10-15 euro for perfect models with box). The Porsche and Jaguar reach much higher prices (even 60-70 euro each).
I have to point out that the HAS F1 (art.63) is a pure fantasy car.

(From No. 121 to No. 132)

A cheap series such as that Plast Politoys has also its cheaper series. There are 12 very simplified models, with interlocking parts, brightly colored, quite ugly: an article to be bought in a stand. These models were also produced in metal (Politoys-M series), but the FIAT 124 sedan (Article 127) is a new entry. They're hard to find especially because from the outset it was obvious that they would not have had a high value for a collectible. This is why today, they can reach high prices (even more than 100 euro).


Art. 1
Art. 2
Art. 3
Art. 4
Art. 5
Autoblindo Panhard
Mortaio ABS 155mm
Carro Armato AMX
Camion Bedford
Alvis Saracen

Art. 6
Art. 7
Art. 8
Art. 9
Art. 10
Trattore e cannone
Camion cingolato
Ambulanza Bedford
Jeep Hotchkiss
Autoblindo Ferret

Art. 11
Art. 12
Art. 13
Art. 14
Art. 15
Land Rover+missile
Porta carro armato
Camion GMC radar
Camion GMC faro
Camion GMC mitr.

Art. 16
Art. 17
Art. 18
Art. 19
Art. 20
Camion GMC L.razzi
Autoblindo M20
Anfibio GMC - DUKW
Martin Matador

Art. 21
Art. 22
Art. 23
Art. 24
Art. 25

Art. 26
Art. 27
Art. 28
Art. 29
Art. 30
FIAT 1800 berlina
A.R. Giulietta spider
A.R. Giulietta Sprint
FIAT 1100 Lusso
Alfa R. Dauphine

Art. 31
Art. 32
Art. 33
Art. 34
Art. 35
Citroen DS19
A.R. Giulietta T.I.
Lancia Flaminia
Innocenti Austin A40
Ford Anglia

Art. 36
Art. 37
Art. 38
Art. 39
Art. 40
OPEL Kapitan
Mercedes Benz 220
Lancia Flavia
A.R. 2000 berlina
FIAT 1300 berlina

Art. 41
Art. 42
Art. 43
Art. 44
Art. 45
A.R. 2000 spider
Motoscafo Chieftain
FIAT 615 autobus
Lancia Flaminia c.pé

Art. 46
Art. 47
Art. 48
Art. 49
Art. 50
Volkswagen 1500
FIAT 2300 Coupé
A.R. Giulietta Polizia
Pontiac Parisienne
Oldsmobile F85

Art. 51
Art. 52
Art. 53
Art. 54
Art. 55
Cooper Norton F3
Maserati F1
Vanwall F1
Porsche 550 RS
Jaguar D Type

Art. 56
Art. 57
Art. 58
Art. 59
Art. 60
Cooper 1500 F2
Ferrari 156 F1
B.R.M. F1
Porsche F2
Lola F1

Art. 61
Art. 62
Art. 63
Art. 64
Art. 65
Lotus F1
A.T.S. F1
Brabham F1
Trattore Fordson

Art. 66
Art. 67
Art. 68
Art. 69
Art. 70
Ford Taunus 17M
A.R. Giulietta S.S.
FIAT 1300 Familiare
Cadillac Special S.
Citroen ID19 Break

Art. 71
Art. 72
Art. 73
Art. 74
Art. 75
Alfa Romeo Giulia TI
Lancia Fulvia berlina
Alfa R. 2600 Sprint
Ferrari 250 GT 2+2
FIAT 600 D

Art. 76
Art. 77
Art. 78
Art. 79
Art. 80
Fiat 500
A. Bianchina panor.
Ford Cortina
Opel Kadett Coupé
A.R. Giulia GT1300 J

Art. 81
Art. 82
Art. 83
Art. 84
Art. 85
FIAT 850 berlina
A.R. 2600 Pantera
Volkswagen 1200
Ferrari 250 GT 2+2

Art. 86
Art. 87
Art. 88
Art. 89
Art. 90
Innocenti Morris IM3
Lancia Flaminia Z.
Fiat 500 giardiniera
Jaguar E Type
Mercedes B. 230SL

Art. 91
Art. 92
Art. 93
Art. 94
Art. 95
Maserati 3500
Autobianchi Primula
Ford Taunus
Rolls Royce

Art. 96
Art. 97
Art. 98
Art. 99
Art. 100
Porsche 912
Fiat Ghia
Alfa Romeo Canguro
FIAT Modello 4

Art. 101
Art. 102
Art. 103
Art. 104
Art. 105
Alfa 60 CV T.Florio
Peugeot mod. 1896
Itala Palombella
Isotta Fraschini

Art. 106
Art. 107
Art. 108
Art. 109
Art. 110
FIAT 508 Balilla
Lancia modello 51
FIAT 525 Reale
FIAT 501 S Sport

Art. 111
Art. 112
Art. 113
Art. 114
Art. 115
Ford Mod. T
Isotta Fraschini
Bentley 4,5 L
Berliet Limousine
Lancia Lambda

Art. 116
Art. 117
Art. 118
Art. 119
Art. 120
Porsche 904
Ferrari Dino
Maserati Frua
Jaguar Rita Pavone

Art. 121
Art. 122
Art. 123
Art. 124
Art. 125
Mercedes B. 230SL
Maserati Mistral
Porsche 912
Iso Rivolta Coupé
Fiat 850 Coupé

Art. 126
Art. 127
Art. 128
Art. 129
Art. 130
Lancia Fulvia Coupé
FIAT 124 berlina
Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ
Ferrari 250 GT
FIAT 1500 GT Ghia

Art. 131
Art. 132
Art. 133
Art. 134
Art. 135
Lola GT
Ferrari Dino Pininf.

Art. 200
Art. 201
Art. 202
Art. 203
Art. 204
B.R.M. Formula 1
De Sanctis F.3
Cooper Formula 1
Honda Formula 1
Ferrari Formula 1

Art. 221
Art. 222
Art. 223
Art. 224
Art. 225
FIAT 682 T2 bisarca
FIAT 682 T2 + auto
FIAT 682T2 scoperto
Scavatore Hatra
FIAT 682T2 telonato

Art. 226
Art. 227
Art. 228
Art. 229
Art. 300
FIAT 682T2 p.ruspe
FIAT 682T2 + ruspe
Scavatore Liebherr
Alfa R. 2° Polizia
Alfa R. 2° Ambul.

Art. 301
Art. 302
Art. 303
Art. 304
Art. 306
Alfa R. 2° Furgone
Alfa R. 2° aperto
Alfa R. 2° soccorso
FIAT 682 T2 Agip
Lancia Esadelta