Updated: 2018, Jan 6

Internet, what a great invention! When I created this website back in 2001, I wanted to do something useful for those who, like me, are cars lovers. Starting point: my small collection, some knowledge of computers, a camera, a bit of good will and nothing else. I was convinced that with time the site would grow at a much faster rate than that of my own collection, thanks to the synergy set in motion by the network of visitors. Initially, the web-site visitors would just leaf through the pages to find some pictures or some interesting fact about this or that model. Then they started suggesting, proposing, requesting, offering etc., A sign that the site hosts many visitors and that it is considered very useful.

I often receive e-mails of compliments and inquiries from collectors all over the world, but sometimes my experience as a collector is not sufficient by itself to ensure appropriate responses to all. Many questions, for example, applies to models of Dinky Toys, which I think are by far the world’s most collectible models.
I've had lots of both English and French Dinkys, but for economic reasons and lack of space I was forced to make a choice and to focus my resources on other brands. Therefore, not without great suffering, all my Dinkys ended up on the pages of eBay, making many other collectors happy.

In June 2009, while the summer was getting very hot, Internet Explorer delivers me an e-mail from the collector Paolo Tondo, from Lecce, one of those "children" that in the early sixties understood that car models were not just toys, but items to be collected and, therefore, to be dealt with care. To learn more about my friend Paul and his passion for Dinky Toys I had a small interview with him, which I propose to the site visitors. Just click on the picture below.

From the first breech-loading cars bought at stalls to the love at first sight for Dinky Toys, particularly the French ones, the words of Paolo were warm and convincing. Gladly, therefore, I accepted his proposal to also include, with its valuable collaboration, the Dinky Toys on the pages of this site. There was no need for big explanations or special arrangements and we went straight to work, like old friends: Paolo photographed his cars and collected information to be reported in the datasheets and I reworked the photos and data and set up the web pages.
The result is visible to all. Of course suggestions, corrections and proposals for the integration of missing models or colours etc. are very welcome.

  Alberto Spano


Half a century ago, one year more, one year less, at half past four in the afternoon, the child had already completed his homework and set aside his case of colors and his folder. The table was completely clear and clean as the guests were arriving soon, all very important and wealthy people. The security team was already in place, ready to intercept the cars and let in only the authorized vehicles. A haughty, dove gray Bentley S2 Cabriolet, personally driven by his owner, had already passed the security check and went quickly away leaving behind a small blue cloud and the sound of the tires rolling over the gravel. Then it was the turn of a Mercedes Benz 600, colored ox -blood metallic. The chauffeurs in uniform slowed down and stopped for the security check. One of the agents opened the back door to identify the illustrious passengers, a man and a woman, both young, sprawled on the vast leather sofa. Who were they? In the meanwhile, an imposing Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, with two-tone gray and dark gray livery, slowed down and pulled up, and behind we could see the huge hood of a Lincoln Continental, certainly of some American guest, perhaps an actor.
"The snack it's almost ready!" grandma called from the kitchen, while she opened the sandwitch to insert the omelette gilding on the stove.
”Damn, now that even the television crew is arriving”, thought the child, while the BBC van was pulling up at the roadside with the cameraman already in action, looking out through the trapdoor of the van roof, like a soldier from the turret of the tank. On the opposite side of the road a Pathe News’s black Fiat 2300 station wagon also arrived. The cameraman was already on the metal platform and was setting the camera for shooting.
"Wash your hands!" grandma relentlessly continued, heedless of the importance of the event taking place in the child's room. But because the cameraman did not finished yet his arrangements and as many of the guests still had not arrived, the child walked quickly to the bathroom to wash his hands. Before the kids tv shows, even the grandma’s omelette has its charm ...

That's right! Car models were born for play. Sometimes we think they were born to be collected, perhaps it is just because today we collect them, but they were born for play. And sometimes I play with them and it annoys me when right in that moment the phone rings or someone knocks at the door. I want to have the right to play in peace and dream. Not everyone understand me, but I think my friend Paolo Tondo, author of the wonderful photo shown above, understands me perfectly. I wonder if that photo illustrates the story I have just told you or if it is the story which describes the photo. The answer, after all, it is not very important.


Look at what my friend Paolo Tondo is able to do with his model cars! Hard to do better.